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Panchayat General Election 2010

  Voter List Panchayat General Election 2010
  Elected Zila Parishad Members
  Elected Panchayat Samiti Members
  List of Elected Zila Up-Pramukh
  List of Elected Up-Pradhan
  List of Elected Zila Pramukh
  List of Elected Pradhan
  पंच/सरपंच चुनाव पुनर्मतदान/स्थगित मतदान (पुनर्मतदान दिनांक  07.02.2010)
  जिला परिषद/पं.स. सदस्य चुनाव पुनर्मतदान (पुनर्मतदान दिनांक  07.02.2010)
  Un-Contestants of Zila Parishad Member
  Un-Contestants of Panchayat Samiti Member
  Contestants For Zila Parishad Member
  Contestants For Panchayat Samiti Member
  Reservation of Wards for Zila Parishad Member
  Reservation of Wards for Panchayat Samiti Member
  Election Programme - Panchayat General Election 2010
  चुनाव कार्यक्रम - पंचायती राज संस्थाओं के आम चुनाव 2010
  Party wise Bifurcation of Valid Votes for Zila Parishad Members
  Party wise Bifurcation of Valid Votes for Panchayat Samiti Members
  Misc. Reports for Panchayat Samiti
  List of Sarpanch